THREE DAYS A SLAVE series hits number one on Amazon … APRIL FOOL!

But no, it’s doing well actually, with Kindle Unlimited rentals especially.Remember, if you read it and liked it, leave a review. If you don’t like it of course, keep your damn opinion to yourself. ;-)

You might have noticed that my inspiration for it was in fact the movie TAKEN, with Liam Neeson. There was something slightly creepy and controlling about his character, and something slightly erotically-charged about his realtionship with his daughter, and I thought, “Wow, what if she sold herself into slavery, just to get away from him and his abuse? What a twist ending that would make!”

And some have inquired if the character of Z in the story, is the same Ezekiel from BOUND BY THE BURGLAR. The answer to that is: of course! How many nameless cities do you think have seven-foot-tall, three-hundred-pound black guys with huge cocks in them?

But seriously, all my books are set in the same universe — yes, even Gabriella and Valeria and Victoria and her stepfather — a universe which I tend to think of as my “Janaverse” after Jana from JANA’S JOURNEY.

I swear I’ll get that sequel to JANA’S JOURNEY written soon! It’s finished in my head already, just need to spend a few weeks slapping it down on paper.

THREE DAYS A SLAVE, DAY 3: TATTOO YOU now available on Amazon


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It’s the third and final day of Tara’s BDSM contact. She will be tattooed, pierced, and – again – made to feel pleasure such as she has never felt before.

And when it’s finished, she will start her new life as a different person.

But someone doesn’t want her to start a new life.

And he has found her.

He works his way through the building towards her, dealing the harshest of punishments to those who get in the way. But saving the worst punishment of all for the girl who defied him … the little brat who escaped from the happy home he tried to give her …

This is the third and final installment in the series, the shocking conclusion to another terrifying dark erotica masterpiece from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU and JANA’S JOURNEY. Read DAY ONE: PLAYING DOCTOR and DAY TWO: SHAVED only on Amazon now.

* * *

So here’s the big finale. And pretty exciting, if I do say so myself? In terms of kink, we’ve got some bondage and such, piercing and tattooing, and we’ve got a couple of anal rapes. Noncon? Oh yeah.




Get it HERE on Amazon, FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Tara has made a devil’s bargain with a mysterious stranger. In return for a new identity and $50,000 she will endure three days of bizarre and sexy BDSM scenarios.

As she begins her second day, she is dressed in a prom dress and blindfolded, and she will submit totally as a complete stranger uses her as he wishes … in full view of spectators.

And then she will begin the transformation to her new identity by having her head shaved …

But someone doesn’t want Tara to go anywhere. Someone wants to find Tara and keep her for himself.

And he is hot on her trail, abducting her best friend for a sadistic harsh interrogation.

This is the latest shocking dark erotica series from Natasha Stevens, best-selling author of JANA’S JOURNEY. TRIGGER WARNING! Contains graphic content, including stranger sex and bondage and discipline.

* * *

So here’s the long-delayed installment of the THREE DAYS A SLAVE series (great title, eh?) and while I didn’t manage to work any enemas or water sports into it, we have stranger sex, sex in public, and interracial rough sex / BBC. As well, we have some noncon stuff, and it’s sort of first-time gay noncon, as well.

There’s a head-shaving as well, and the next installment will have tattooing and piercing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few questions that commonly get asked about my stuff:

What city does the story take place in? Why don’t you tell the name of the city? 

Well, that’s my little personal gimmick, see? I always loved movies like SEVEN and novels like Kathe Koja’s SKIN that were just sort of set in some nameless, imaginary-yet-realistic city. So all my books take place in a particular city that is the particular city where all my stories take place ;-)

What do we know about it? Well, it’s not far from the beach, because Jana goes there in A TRIP TO THE BEACH HOUSE and Elena rents a house there in BOUND BY THE BURGLAR 4. It has at least a couple of strict Catholic schools for girls, and nightclubs, and in BOUND BY THE BURGLAR it seems to be a couple hours drive from ‘the mountains.’ California? Hell, it might be in South Carolina for all i know. Use your imagination!

Why don’t you tell the last names of your characters?

You know, I’m not sure. Obviously I could easily do that, but it’s just something I started with the JANA’S JOURNEY books and have continued to my other stories and books. Maybe I want my readers to be on first name terms with the characters. ;-)

I can say that I’ll probably get around to giving them last names if I continue writing about them. I can tell you, as a particular blog reader bonus that Jana has a last name. Her last name is Winters. Jana Winters, Americanized from the Russian surname Zimina.

Why don’t you give more specific descriptions of your characters? Why don’t you tell us how big their dicks are? 

Hmm, I sort of side with Stephen King on this point, in that he recommends letting the readers make up the face they want for the characters. Alas, porn readers are obsessed with statistics, though, aren’t they? So I do occasionally reveal a bra cup size. I have yet to reveal a penis size, though. Mainly because when you say “big cock” to two different people, they will think of wildly differing numbers. Everybody seems to like 8 inches though, right? So if I don’t say, just assume it’s eight inches.

BOUND BY THE BURGLAR Bundle + Confessions of an Honest Pornographer


BOUND BY THE BURGLAR: THE COMPLETE NOVELLA now available on Amazon and Smashwords

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife with a dark past. Joshua is a former NAVY Seal with a dark present; he is now a burglar who robs the homes of the wealthy. One night he breaks into Elena’s house, and the two of them are thrown together in a devil’s bargain of lust, blackmail and robbery, in a plan to steal a fortune in gold. But some dangerous individuals want the gold, also …

* * *

So as every indie author knows, “erotica” sales have fallen off tremendously — in the “erotica” category! Mainly because of Amazon’s “adult filter” and blocking of various titles and keywords. However, the amount of graphic erotica being sold in the “short stories” “romance” and “new adult romance” categories is booming. Plenty of stepbrothers and stepsisters fucking (to best-seller status) over there in “new adult romance”, you know, although my “pseudo-incest  erotica” will be blocked if I say that in the blurb or on the cover.

So I was going to put my latest novella in “romance > suspense” and “thriller > crime” categories to get it some more exposure.

But you know what?

I just couldn’t!

I mean, this is an extremely graphic book with a LOT of sex in it. It is, in fact, erotica. Porn! It’s an erotic thriller, sure, and I think it’s got great characters and a good story, but it’s PACKED with graphic descriptions of kinky sex.

And I just couldn’t try to “trick” my readers like that. I didn’t want some 15-year-old or some old lady to read it with completely wrong expectations about what it’s going to be about. I put a “WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT!” line in the blurb, of course, but … when it came time to click “publish” I found I just couldn’t do it, so I put it back in “romance > erotica.”

Now, of course, one solution for this moral dilemma is for me to write a book that’s a bit less graphic. We’ll see ;-)



Here we go – the fifth and final part of the BOUND BY THE BURGLAR saga.

Get it HERE on Amazon / Get it HERE on Smashwords

Captured …

Elena has been kidnapped and interrogated by a mysterious, deadly, and kinky stanger.

He forces her to take him to the abandoned hotel, where the gold stolen from Elena’s husband awaits.

Will Joshua arrive in time to save her, before she — and the voluptuous stripper Dahlia — are subjected to the most perverse and horrible punishments?

This is the exciting conclusion to the red-hot and twisted BOUND BY THE BURGLAR series. Read all five parts on Amazon now.

“Natasha Stevens brings the thrilling and the sexy together in one dynamite bundle!” – Lex Jammer, author of 50 SHADES OF PAIN

* * *

In terms of the graphic content — another enema punishment, and some three-way fucking, and some thrills and chills in the form of violence — gunplay and a shovel slaying.

And of course, that’s the Smashwords cover — the Amazon cover is more boring, in tune with the “no ropes” rules. Boo!




Get it HERE on Amazon / HERE on Smashwords

The thrill- and sex-packed story of Elena the underwear model and Joshua the burglar continues:

The plan to steal a fortune from Elena’s husband proves more successful than anybody in the gang had hoped, and they come away with nearly $5,000,000 worth of gold.

There’s only one problem: it seems that the gold and jewelry did not belong to Elena’s husband, but instead to some very dangerous people. And Elena finds herself helpless in the grip of a hit man whose tastes are just as kinky but far more depraved and deadly than hers …

This is the fourth thrilling and shocking installment in Natasha Stevens’ latest dark erotica thriller series, BOUND BY THE BURGLAR. Read parts one through three on Amazon now. WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT.

* * *

Now as far as that graphic content: mainly we have a four-way sexual encounter on a bed of gold (of course) and then a lengthy punishment enema.

(Hey, I’m not particularly into enemas. But the public seems to demand them. Well, I’m not into them most of the time, anyway. Okay, sometimes it’s very nice, when administered properly ;-) )

Dark and taboo erotica without the dull parts


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